Jason Singh

Following the success of his first solo album, Humannequin, singer, songwriter and established solo artist Jason Singh has embarked on his most exciting and original challenge yet: THE JASON SINGH PROJECT.

Setting himself a goal of delivering six singles in 12 months, Jason will write, produce and release a new single every eight weeks out of his home studio in Melbourne.

“I’m excited about doing something different, something unique. I want to bring the fans along for the ride with me and share the process; tracking it all the way from writing the original idea, to the lyrics, to production, mixing and eventually the release of the song.”

Each new single developed during the eight week cycle will inevitably continue to demonstrate Jason’s innate sense of melody and classic song writing ability. The tracks will, without doubt, deliver against the range he is known for from big sounding multi-formatted pop rock tracks to synth-pop gems—he will not disappoint. The first single QUICKSAND will be released on October 21.

Jason Singh is one of Australia’s most in-demand entertainers, performing over 250 gigs in the last 12 months. In addition to his latest project, for the first time in 15 years, the original Taxiride ‘Imaginate’ line-up is back.

As the front man of Australia’s Taxiride, Jason has had extraordinary success. Taxiride enjoyed two consecutive number one platinum selling albums and won the 1999 ARIA award (Australian Grammy) for ‘Breakthrough Artist – Single’. Jason has toured extensively throughout his career, including international tours in North America, Europe and Asia with Taxiride.

“I used to not put too much thought into what Taxiride means to me, but truly it means the world to me. It was the best time I ever had in my life with the most experiences I ever had. We saw the very summit and did amazing things together”. Taxiride will perform at selected events throughout the year.

As a solo artist, Jason has had two Top 10 ARIA club hits, “The World As You Know It” and “One World”. In 2013 Jason released his highly anticipated solo album Humannequin produced by the legendary Australian producer Charles Fisher. Humannequin showcases Jason’s flawless vocals and song writing prowess to a tee. As one reviewer put it Humannequin “sets a new benchmark with sky scraping pop songs.” (Herald Sun, Melbourne).

With his latest venture, THE JASON SINGH PROJECT, Jason has set himself an exciting challenge that will see him reach new heights. “This is a fresh direction for me; it’s special and different. But I am certain it will still very clearly be me”.

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