Paris 404

Paris isn’t new to performing.

Starting at just 7 years old her gig was standing infront of 10,000 folks at Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.

Since then, she has sung all over Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles.

Appearing in Television advertisements for Coles and Aussie favourite, FourNTwenty are just a couple of her stints.


You might have even seen her sing at a corporate event or for the NBL at an Arena in Melbourne and Sydney.

She has also performed on the Fashion week runway, as you can tell she is popping everywhere!


Paris has a crazy, sexy, cool kind of vibe and suites all types of events from corporate runway to club style parties.

Lasst year during lockdown she released her first single ‘Again’

Rest assured while this is a sexy, smooth track she does have some bangers up her sleeve!

Get Ready for PARIS MARIE coming for you!

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