Ash Gale

Born and raised in the rolling hills of Adelaide, Ash Gale has grown into one of South Australia’s premium musicians. A session vocalist, songwriter and producer Ash has a true passion to spark emotions through his musical abilities live and recorded.
Ash Gale possesses a voice that’s as powerful and expressive as it is delicate and resonating. His lush vocal tones and emotive guitar work along with his captivating stage presence places Ash in a league of his own. Ash Gale arranges songs with a unique blend of alternative rock, and acoustic melodic soul, which is complemented by his powerful emotive vocals. Ash has often stated to having strong vocal influences such as Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Jeff Buckley and Richard Ashcroft. Since the breakup of his previous band ‘The Sundance Kids’ in 2012 Ash began recording his debut solo EP ‘Roll With The Gold’ at Blackhaus Studios in the luscious surroundings of Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills. “This was probably the most enjoyable recording experience i’ve ever been involved in. It was amazing just to be lost in creativity with no expectations or pressure and let the songs come alive. I made sure every single arrangement, part, instrument, tones and mix level of this EP was
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highly intentional and on purpose. Everything you hear has a reason for being in there, nothing was just because”. Ash soon finished recording his EP then sent it to London to be mixed by Adam Noble (Coldplay/Paul McCartney/Muse) and then mastered by Dick Beetham (Sterephonics/Alt-J/Mcfly). Roll With The Gold is expected to be released in the coming months of 2013. The first single “End Up With You” is currently being showcased to community radio. Ash plans to tour the EP nationally for the rest of 2013.
“It’s exciting to hit the road again with some incredible musicians, I’m looking forward to playing these brand new songs live”.

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