Basics, The

When The Basics formed in Melbourne a decade ago, who could predict that today Tim Basic would be off working on film productions, Kris Basic would be in Kenya working as a Red Cross Aid worker and Wally Basic would be in LA as his alter-ego Gotye collects a Grammy for the world’s highest selling song. The Basics is a ten-year story of mateship and adventures, but first and foremost, it’s a vehicle for a legacy of amazing songs.

Artist: The Basics

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Members: Wally Debacker (AKA Gotye), Kris Schroeder, Tim Heath

Albums: Ingredients (best of), Leftovers (rarities)

Feature tracks: So Hard for You, With This Ship, Looking Over My Shoulder

Release date: February 22, 2013

2013 sees the celebration of the decade with the release of two incredible collections: Ingredients, the perfect introduction to new converts, bringing together the best work from each of their albums (and tracks in between) and Leftovers, a treasure trove of demos, alternate versions and unreleased tracks, giving further insights to fans into the world of Australia’s most famous unknown band.

Ten years ago The Basics formed and set about writing, arranging and recording their first set of original songs. Bassist Kris Schroeder & drummer Wally de Backer wore their influences on their sleeves, forming a songwriting partnership that became the backbone to all of The Basics repertoire.
Lf.) SGC

The first collaborative works – recorded with their then guitarist Michael Hubbard eventuated in the debut album GET BACK. With a tip of the hat to the great Brit pop style and sound of recording – this album and the energetic live performances The Basics presented something truly unique in the Australian music landscape. Uncompromising, determined and true.

The departure of Hubbard and the introduction of guitarist Tim Heath, helped crank up the energy and diversity of the bands’ sound. The live shows became livelier and the new material that formed

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