Longevity. Not a word that can be aligned with many bands these days, but one that can certainly be applied to Aussie punk legends Bodyjar.

For nearly 20 years now the band has consolidated their local &international following with relentless touring demonstrating the blistering high energy live shows that have made Bodyjar one of the most respected punk bands in the world. The band now boasts hordes of committed fans in Japan. America, Korea and Europe.

Highly respected by their peers, the band can count amongst its fans members of The Foo Fighters, Yellow Card, Good Charlotte and Blink 182 who the band have toured with no fewer than 4 times, including being invited to tour America with for their hit album Anema of the State. This would coincide with being signed to Nitro records owned by The Offsprings Dexter Holland.

You wont last long in the fickle music industry without killer songs & the ‘Jar have delivered consistently throughout their career, From the sonic assault of

1998’s “No Touch Red” through to 2000’s gold selling “How It Works” & 2002’s “Plastic Skies”, the Jar have released a string of classics including top 20 singles “Not The Same”, “One In A Million” & “Too Drunk To Drive”.

The band entered a Hiatus in 2006 to find a normal life away from constant touring and recording, but could never shake the constant show offers and emails asking them to play and record. So finally they are back!

With a renewed energy and flurry of incredible songs, the band have rediscovered their love of music, and are back with the brand new album. “Role Model” illustrates that love, allowing them to deliver what could be their more cohesive set of songs yet. The new album Role Model out on October 18 will leave no doubt in fan’s minds that Bodyjar still have it after all these years. Fast paced and full of melody and energy, the album showcases the rare talents of a band that has been around for 19 years.

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