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Chasing Ghosts is a project of passion, driven by a compulsion for storytelling and the connection with an audience and a family, which has built over more than 15 years. Jimmy Kyle, has been an active frontman and iconic personality in Australia’s punk/hardcore scene, playing hundreds of shows in various incarnations across our dramatic continent and beyond.

2011 saw the release of the debut Chasing Ghosts album “Confessions From A Phone Booth”. Pulling together personal stories into a largely acoustic experience; the result was both an uplifting and at times crushing exploration of Jimmy’s song writing talents, and a taste of the still to be realized potential.

Over the next three years of touring the record, Chasing Ghosts performed in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, the UK and Mainland Europe. Thousands found themselves quickly connected with Jimmy’s passionate baritone and instinctive songs, filling rooms with anthemic chorus or silent reverence. The impact live was immediate.

In 2016 Jimmy Kyle once again returned to the studio, this time bringing close friends and family to the fold to aggrandize Chasing Ghosts. Teaming up with Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid) to produce the boldly unapologetic sophomore album “I Am Jimmy Kyle”, the reaction was immediate. Album teaser single Jane Doe featuring Marcel Gadicz (Dream On Dreamer) light the fuse and set the pace for lead single “Anthem For Bastards, Liars & Cheats” to reignite the fan base when the album dropped to roaring applause on October 31st. Without missing a beat, Chasing Ghosts took to the first of two national tours for that summer, racing across the country to break from the speaker to the stage and proving that Chasing Ghosts were back, fiercer than ever.

2017 started with the announce that Chasing Ghosts were back on the road with The Dead Love, another fierce set of shows across the country culminated with a Melbourne sell out and the release of perhaps the most haunting of the Chasing Ghosts catalogue, the simply titled “Death” featuring songstress Millie Tizzard. A ballad breaking out from the blueprint of Chasing Ghosts previous catalogue and rich with pop sensibilities, the single was rightly awarded a feature spot on Triple M’s homegrown show and saw a significant uptake across Community radio and scratching at the doors of major commercial.

Finally, the Chasing Ghosts goal comes closer to realization. An album breaking down walls between artist and audience and capturing life’s simple moments with grandeur, Chasing Ghosts story continues to build and the momentum is only just starting to gather real speed.

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