Electric Mary

It had been two years since the Mary’s last gig when they received the phone call from States. Rusty had just finished a week in the studio with the legendary engineer Mike Tholen and now it was time for the band to pick up their instruments and do another Electric Mary recording.

They weren’t looking for an album, they just wanted to get back in the studio and smash out some tunes… and smash them out they did. With drummer Davey Porter at the helm it was all about a new swagger for the band and they responded accordingly.

2014 was a year of celebration for Electirc Mary. After an incredible ten years that has been highlighted by tours alongside the likes of Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, Judas Priest and Deep Purple, a collection albums and EP’s and an ARIA Top 100 single, Electric Mary are back with a new EP in The Last Great Hope – and they intend to spend the year celebrating all that is rock n roll.

This is rock n roll the way it used to taste!

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