Grim Rhythm


For six years, Grim Rhythm was a strictly live band only. Eschewing the conventions of habitual “come to our pub gig” social media posts and pretty much doing diddly-squat by way of other kinds of promotion, the trio have absolutely honed their chops to perfection in dank dive bars. Playing for the sheer reckless joy of it, word of their ballsy instrumental stoner rock got around to all the right places. This word has seen them aurally punish rock crowds constantly across Australia, even touring the US in 2016 and playing shows with The Smith Street Band in San Francisco. Their aptly titled new EP “What Do You Know About Rock ‘N Roll?” was debuted on Rolling Stone Australia.

“Recorded live to tape, the resulting six track rollick squares up with the same level of intensity as their shows. It’s a relentless riff-focused romp, riding — or rather dragging us all — through the abandoned industrial estates of Australia, tied by our teeth to the bumper of a beaten-up, hotted-up Torana, or similar vintage.”Rolling Stone

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