Hedge Fund

To support their latest single, What You’re Hiding, Bondi band Hedge Fund are hitting the road to bring their blisteringly weird live-show to the rest of the cities on the East Coast, with dates in Weribee, Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney, Brisbane and Bellingen.

It’s hard to put the band into a single genre. With a sound that walks a line between dreamy prog-pop and muscular post-punk grooves, the band takes cues from new-wave influences such as The Cure, Talking Heads and New Order.

The result is a sound that is as haunting as it is energetic, and uniquely their own.

Born in Sydney but raised in London, singer William Colvin’s songwriting is thoroughly inspired by the personalities of both cities. While the five members of Hedge Fund firmly identify as a ‘Bondi Band’, an unmistakably British sound seeps into the band’s music.

Hedge Fund has had a successful recent career; their latest single, thumping yet dreamy synth-pop anthem Summer’s Getting Shorter has clocked up more than 17,000 listens on Soundcloud, Look Who’s Back charted at #2 in the AMRAP Metro Charts, and Object of My Affection has over 280,000 listens on Spotify.

They’ve been played on Triple J and have received great support from local and international online outfits as well as local and regional stations, they’ve toured the entire Australian east coast, played all over NSW, and have supported bands like British India and Dappled Cities.

But Hedge Fund still see themselves as just five kids from Bondi.

“We’re musicians,” Will maintains, “and in this industry it’s really important to remember where you came from. And we come from Bondi. All of us. Bondi. We really want to stress that. Bondi.”

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