Hollow Everdaze

Without compromise, Hollow Everdaze return with their first single of 2015.

Ever confident in forging and redefining their own sound, the cacophic and symphonic group offer their most self assured and comprehensive track to date, ‘Last Laugh’.

Last Laugh’ is indicative of the bands approach, meticulously crafted with no detail left unexplored. The song opens with a forlorn stanza that is reminiscent and instantly griping, invoking the timeless charm of The Carpenters and Neil Young. Singer/guitarist Dan Baluchs croons his words with a new found melancholic lilt, whilst Myles Anderson legato reinforces the sentiment of Baluchs lyrics. The track evolves in movements for over 7 minutes, often making it seem more of a symphony rather than a regular pop song. With each part seeming as crucial as that which it proceeded. Marking an engaging and refreshing release that stands apart from the typical structures of the “The Single”.

Last Laugh’ heralds the beginning of what will be a year packed full of releases for the band, as they cement themselves as one of Australia’s most creative and forward thinking band’s.

Last Laugh was produced by Rob Long @ Bird land Studios.

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