“A leather-jacket rock jam sucker punched with vocals swathed in barbed wire – a four-minute anthem fiery enough to start a wall of death in a Sunday mass.” – Blunt

“Pagan have slapped us awake with one of the most furious, hair-raising punk tunes of the year in ‘Wine and Lace’.” – Pilerats

“real angry, filthy punk rock. It’s fantastic.” – triple j Short.Fast.Loud

Lurking in the shadows of Melbourne and dragging its followers into the darkest places of the human psyche, rock and roll phenomenon Pagan have spent the past few years of existence gaining notoriety from a ritualistic live show and growing a cult following around the country.

“…a gnarly, nasty take on At The Drive-In-style punk rock and hardcore. The band is fronted by the hyperactive Nikki Brumen, who screams, squeals and screeches like some insane banshee, and also puts on a highly visual and physical show. The band behind her is tight as a clenched fist and bludgeoningly powerful. Pagan’s short, razor-sharp set opens proceedings with a real bang.” –

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Over the past few months Premier Artists have expanded their roster to include some of Australia’s most exciting punk bands. Crowd favourites CLOWNS were amongst the first to join the ranks closely followed by Amyl & The Sniffers, Private Function and Pagan – just to name a few! It doesn’t stop there! We are proud […]

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