Pretty City

Melbourne Fuzz-rockers Pretty City return with their new single, ‘Flying’.

Recorded by Jez Giddings (Kingswood, The Living End), the track is a guttural, grinding fuzz/glam-rock anthem that has a tangible sense of energy but retains an expertly crafted vocal melody. Drawing upon 70s Glam icons like Bowie and TRex, the track showcases how the band have honed their ability to make fuzz-rock hits that are innovative yet accessible.

“They’ve got the swelling crescendos of the Smashing Pumpkins, and the youthful angst of every other 90′s band…but have their own take on it – one that is modern and fresh”-

“Pretty City take shoegaze and give it a sense of aerodynamics.” Three Thousand

PC have well and truly made the most of the last 12 months. With an insatiable work ethic, they have released a trio of singles that combine influences from 70s Psychedelic to Glam and 90s Slacker Rock, while staying true to their rock and ‘shoegrunge’ aesthetic. Over the same 12 months the band have built an undeniable momentum that has seen them support some of the country’s biggest acts including British India, Saskwatch and Flyying Colours.

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