Rival Fire

As for Rival Fire, if there is one memory that united their collective mindset, it was loss – the experience of losing those close to them. Their exploration may be treading more in the shadows, but as their alter-ego suggests, there are moments of fragmented light.

The collective also cite sepia-tainted photographs, and stories involving historical figures with dashes of mystique and wonder, which inspire lyrical concepts and filter gently into the songs.

Shying away from convention, Rival Fire create more than just music. They wanted music, song writing and art to be one unified project. Formed in Melbourne a year ago, the creative collective combining Rob Farnham, Tim Smyth and Matt D’Arcy began recording in LA earlier this year, before continuing in an isolated two-bedroom house on a 3000-acre property in regional Victoria with no reception and no email. Fleshing out the sounds independently in their own home studios, it became a mashing of minds, as they drew from each of their different experiences with a fresh sound that inspires them all equally.

Adopting the notion of excitement and energy through their music, the collective want listeners to feel the emotion threaded through their music. The sound may be menacing, but at the core, there is more than one emotion attached to a sound or song. What resulted from their union was the dark rock heart of Memories and Let It Go, forming their first release and paving the way for a debut album, to be recorded with producer Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac) in early 2016.

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