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Plucked from the obscurity of Australia’s far north and into a circuit of international showcases, this act of cross dressing black sheep tore through it’s infancy with cannonball velocity. Then named ‘The Follow’, the juxtaposing of youthful naivety and aggressive performance proved potently enchanting. As did the powerful charisma of the founding member, know as just KJ and Azaria.

The learning curve was steep, leading the band to adopt a ‘kill or be killed’ mentality in order to navigate the obstacle laden playing fields of their newfound career. Bearing the constraints of a creatively stifling major label deal, the name ‘The Follow’ was dropped and ‘The Art’ was born. Incensed to charge forth fiercely, independent and uncompromising of their art, the band’s allure intensified. The industry which had sort to tame them now applauded their integrity with world wide airplay, festival offerings and invitations from their childhood heroes onto world tours. The Art has spent the last three years sharing it’s explosive energy across the globe on tour with ‘The Pixies,’ ‘Sonic Youth’, ‘Marilyn Manson’, Steel Panther, ‘Thirty Seconds to Mars’, ‘Nine Inch Nails’, ‘Linkin Park’, ‘Twisted Sister ‘and more.

Stylistically, ‘The Art’ are difficult to pigeonhole. A darkly perfumed oddity, eclectic in emotional elements and delivered with blistering rock and roll impact. The sonic diversity of ‘The Art’s’ sound has earned them fans across genres, the common tie binding all elements at play being an intense sincerity. A tight wound tapestry of intensity, nobody at an ‘Art’ shows leaves shortchanged, and more often than not, nobody at an ‘Art’ show leaves unaffected.

Currently recording the follow up to their debut, ‘Here Comes The War’, recorded with French Smith in Austin, Texas and landing at #14 on the Australian ARIA Charts. This time around the focus is on creating a cohesive body of work comprised of heavy hitting singles. Current single ‘Dead Inside’ marks the brave direction of the upcoming release.

Powerfully rhythmic and richly poetic. Honest and expressive lyricism serving as uncensored substance to the act’s natural knack for disastrously anthemic songwriting.

Recording wraps in February of 2015, the band hopes to use this release to expand it’s following across America and Europe into Asia and of course their Australian home territory.

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