Scientists, The

The Scientists existed from 1978 to 1987

Originally from Perth they moved to Sydney then to London and spent equal time in each perfecting their specific brand of sonic terrorism.

Feared and revered almost as much for their tacky yet stylish appearance as for their sound The Scientists were the ultimate ‘cult’ band.

Last year prestigious Chicago label Numero Group released a compilation of the Scientists’ recorded catalogue entitled

‘A Place Called Bad’.

Here are some things said in the international music press

about it:

Audaciously genre crunching.

Kris Kneeds Classic Rock 8/10

Experimental Jet Set, trash and 4 stars!.

Tim Peacock Record Collector.

Hero’s to scores of Seattle Grunge bands.

– ninth compilation of their work compared to seven albums they actually recorded.

Swampland was as memorable a manifesto is you could hope for.

Michael Hann – The Guardian

Salmon and co’s pioneering post–punk demolition recreation of the blues has proved justly influential.

Andrew Perry – Mojo 4 stars

Four disc history provides proof positive that Australia gave you Grunge.

Jason Anderson- 9/10 Uncut.

The Scientists are back!

In their classic 1985 lineup!

Kim, Boris, Tony and Leanne!

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