Does Australia have a new Rock N Roll Anthem?

LUCKY, by newcomers TRUCK, starts out with a guitar riff that all at once sounds new and exciting but somehow familiar, wrapping itself around you like a warm summer breeze at an outdoor music festival.

The lyrics talk of backyard sounds that conjure up within many of us the feeling of freedom that has so typified suburban Australia. But then they go deeper, acknowledging the layers of complexity that we as contemporary Australians are now grappling with.

Tilting the hat towards independence, reconciliation and multiculturalism without grandstanding, the lyrics suggest that a love of footy, beer and beaches doesn’t represent the full extent of our passionate engagement; that our future is in good hands with the rise of the next generation; and that the answers will come with empathy, education and understanding.

As vocalist Andy McLean says, “In essence, we can still feel lucky living in a country with deep past hurts and pressing current concerns if we keep pushing in the right direction. Lucky is a feel good rock and roll song that proudly recognises our gratitude, our pain and our potential. It’s indicative of how we’re evolving.”

TRUCK is Andy McLean – vocals / Dave Leslie – guitar / Mark Donaldson – keys / Kevin Hunt – bass / Alex Deegan – drums.

Praise for Truck’s first single “Make Hay”:

“Make Hay absolutely rocks!” – Classic Rock Magazine UK


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