21 March 17

Chasing Ghosts have seen an unprecedented start to 2017, rolling straight on from the release of 2016’s “I Am Jimmy Kyle” into two national tours over the summer and rivers of praise from hit singles “Jane Doe”, “Anthem For Bastards, Liars & Cheats” and the poignant “Death”, Premier Artists and Chasing Ghosts are pleased to announce the next step forward with the signing of Chasing Ghosts to the Premier Artist illustrious roster.

Premier Artists is proud and excited to welcome Chasing Ghosts to our roster. I look forward to working closely with them to propagate Chasing Ghosts music and live show throughout Australia and beyond. – Scott McKenzie, Premier Artists

It is a firm declaration reinforcing the work ethic that Chasing Ghosts have so relentlessly pursued. Combining hard work with a stunning sophomore release is resulting in the credit that has been long overdue for Chasing Ghosts.

I’m super excited to join the family at Premier Artists and go on the journey together, it’s a bit of a coming of age for this record and Chasing Ghosts as a project. – Jimmy Kyle, Chasing Ghosts.