19 October 20

Just over 12 months on from their #1 debut smash hit “Sorry Won’t Get You Back”, Darlinghurst close out a record breaking debut year with yet another #1 chart on their 4th single  “Gotta Go Rodeo”, bringing their tally to 4 from 4 Top 5 charting singles on The Music Network Country Hot 50 Airplay charts.

“To score a #1 chart on our debut blew our minds. Then to watch, sort of stunned, as the next two singles climbed into the top 5 was such a blast” said Darlinghurst co -lead vocalist Cassie Leopold. “To now wake up to the news that “Gotta Go Rodeo” has hit #1 on the charts is just gobsmacking”.

On hearing the news band member Jason Resch responded, “This #1 chart brings a whirlpool of emotions with it; excitement, trepidation, joy, humility. We really are quite blown away and sort of humbled by the positive reaction and acceptance we’ve received from the country community and fans in our first year as Darlinghurst“.

To add to the good vibes came news that CMT have just added Darlinghurst’s live acoustic video of “Gotta Go Rodeo” as well …..

“Due to Covid we literally couldn’t get together to shoot a clip for “Gotta Go Rodeo” so Helium went and pitched the acoustic version and surprise surprise it’s been added” said co-lead vocalist Pagan Newman.

“We didn’t realise it, but earlier this year we shared this wonderful afternoon where we had someone come in and film our acoustic set live; it turned out to be one of the last times we’d all be together in one room, blissfully unaware of the isolation that was yet to come.”

“Gotta Go Rodeo’s” #1 chart peak augers well for Darlinghurst as it’s been selected to follow “So Long, So Long” in the US for release to Music Row radio stations in January next year.

“Darlinghurst are just a joy to be around, simply the best band I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with in all my years” said Helium’s Mark Pope“What the band offers up in songwriting, recording and live stagecraft is matched by their incredible grounded work ethic and infectious spirit”

One final word from Darlinghurst that echoes what every single musician in the country’s feeling right now “We just can’t wait to get on a stage and play again !!”