Dream on Dreamer

4 July 16

Dream on Dreamer have spent the better part of the last 12 months pumping out release after release, creating an exciting catalogue of new, earth shattering jams.

They’ve traveled the globe to collaborate with musicians, engineers and producers alike, and word has it that there still might be more to drop in the coming months! Now it’s time for the band to showcase what they have been keeping under wraps as they translate their obsessively diligent studio endeavours to the stage.

With a renewed sense of energy emerging within the band after transitioning to an independent act, Dream on Dreamer have been turning heads among the industry and fans alike, with their relentless perseverance and extremely creative (and no less progressive) themes of crowd involvement. We can expect that this surge of passion will translate to the live set as they deliver shows around the country this July.

The band has promised to perform a broad range of songs from their extensive catalogue including Hope, Heartbound, Loveless, Songs of Soulitude, as well as a couple of extra surprises.