Kate Ceberano – LIVE | Melbourne Digital Concert Hall

3 August 20

From lockdown, trailblazer Kate Ceberano pulls together her famed ‘Kate and friends’ to deliver the best of her classic songs from her award-winning albums Brave, Tryst and a few from the recent release ‘A Dangerous Age’ (as featured on The Sound, ABCs new music program).

Feat. special guests Kathleen Halloran, Jess Fairlie & Alison Ainsworth.
“Everything has changed, I have changed and my future as an artist ultimately changed forever!
I have included some artists that I have been, in recent times (before Covid and during), Mentoring and broadcasting with… “Kate and Friends” from home!
The relationship between us can be heard.
And also seen, in the way we perform together, we are bound by music and our deeply held goals toward art and life. Harmony is instinctive between us as is the exchange of human ideas and professional aspirations all wrapped up into song and live performance.
I’m so thrilled we get this opportunity to be on stage together in this time!”
– Kate