Agung Mango, returns today with his latest single, ‘Almost Famous’ featuring Naarm-based Melody

Influenced by Mos Def’s ‘There Is a Way’, ‘ALMOST FAMOUS’ taps into a similar idea that embracing
life’s ups and downs supports the best version of becoming yourself.

In Agung’s words, “ALMOST FAMOUS is self explanatory, reflecting the struggle of pursuing a dream with lyrics that convey the
bittersweet feeling of being so close to achieving your goals, yet still facing obstacles.

The song captures the gritty reality of chasing success and the determination and resilience it takes to keep
going despite setbacks.”

Since his debut in 2017, Naarm / Melbourne based artist Agung Mango has feverishly worked to
establish himself as one of the trailblazers in Australia’s underground rap scene.

Including a string of EPs in MAN ON THE GO, Son of Agung and OPENFORBUSINESS, Agung Mango’s mainstream stature
has steadily risen in time, landing festival slots and collaborations including JID, Freddie Gibbs, DJ Pee
.Wee (Anderson .Paak), Genesis Owusu, WIKI, Milan Ring, 1300, Lucy Blomkamp and more.
Cultivating a following across triple j and Unearthed, Apple Music, NME, Complex, 10
Magazine, VICE, Acclaim, Pilerats, and more consistently praising his nimble ability to push and break
boundaries or juggle melodic songs and hellraising raps effortlessly, Agung Mango continues to take
listeners and industry alike beyond their comfort zones.

“Agung Mango has three things vital for success: presence, originality and flawless production”
“Undeniable knack for both writing and producing”
triple j
“An exceptional skill for hip-hop beats and rhymes”
“Agung Mango Is Creating Greatness, The World Needs To Recognise It”
Purple SneakerS

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