Augie March

Straddling the various sub and mainstream cultures of the Australian music world with relative comfort and ease for years,  Augie March have continued to do what they do regardless of what ice cream flavour is melting on the contemporary footpath.

Winners of the AMP, Hottest 100, various APRA gongs and much else, this unassuming lot have been indie as can be, spread all over the corporate map, revered across the globe by the highest, mightiest, lowest and dirtiest.

You can see them one night making tender dreams and roiling nightmares come alive on a theatre stage, the next night tearing it up in a dive, the next being the nicest bunch of neo-folkies you ever met at your local RSL as they work out a set for the winery up in the lofty hills the following afternoon.

Incomparable in this land and any other – intelligent, passionate, funny and all broken up, and still making brilliant original music when most of their peers have gone into advertising.

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