CJ Commerford & The Supertones

The Mornington Peninsula’s CJ Commerford & The Supertones’ bring the best elements of soul and blues music together creating a fresh sound that’s familiar to the seasoned ear with a beautiful modern inflection.

A celebration of all moments analogue and assisting in the survival of that old soul sound, CJ channels a soulful sound written from his deep love and grounding connection to vintage music.

‘The Supertones’ are the five-piece backbone to CJ’s vintage sound, allowing powerful musicianship to catch fire live and on the record.

It’s that ‘greater than the sum of its parts’ combination of members. Guitarist Lennie Farchione, bassist Aidan Efron, drummer Alex Keser, trumpet player Dave Flynn and keys/saxophonist
Sebastian Farchione together with CJ create a sonic wash that “exhibits some seriously delicious bright riffs and inviting melodies”, (Amnplify 2023)

From their roots in the era of that nostalgic vinyl crackle, manifested to the now with a modernvintage flavour, their latest album ‘Sugar’ heightens the spirit with hooky riffs, sultry melodies and undeniable positive energy to liquefy your troubles

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