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Maybe it’s a matter of momentum, or a mix of elements combusting in the brain, or maybe it’s the planets aligning to bathe cosmic rays down on the band… but in the past year Magic Dirt have ignited a fire, thrown petrol on it and danced around the blaze with wild abandon. 

Operating entirely independently, with only their own resources, energy, enthusiasm and, most importantly, creativity to call upon … they have blazed in to the most prodigious and prolific phase of their sixteen year career.

Curated and produced their very first festival called ‘FREAKSCENE’ in December 2008. A three day event put together with Lakes Entrance Music Festival, Magic Dirt collaborated to bring Australia’s finest musical acts to a regional centre with the aim of creating an artist friendly scene as well as bringing an array of musical genres and experiences to regional areas where audiences saw acts such as Tim Rogers, Gareth Liddiard from The Drones, Sydney’s theredsunband, and Magic Dirt, on their very own doorstep. Not only that, Magic Dirt staged their very first film festival as part of FREAKSCENE and received hundreds of entries from all around the country, where the winner, ‘Numurkah’ proved to be a hit with the crowd. And on top of all that, Magic Dirt hosted and ran a slew of free music workshops for the local public who wanted to learn about the music industry during the three day festival.

Toured relentlessly during the 2008 ‘GIRL‘ tour, with some 40+ dates, beginning in July and ending on New Years Eve. This is their longest and most extensive tour to date. It saw the band play to thousands of frantic fans all across Australia including first time gigs in remote areas such as Coober Pedy, Kalgoorlie, Mt. Gambier and Broken Hill.

Recorded their 6th full length studio album, ‘GIRL‘, which hit the AIR Top 10 Independent Charts and received spectacular reviews and rave reactions from the music media and their long standing fans and newly initiated throng.

Recorded an EP of oddities, live cuts and tip-of-the-hat interpretations of songs they love by other artists and given it away to fans during the ‘GIRL‘ tour of 2008

Released the mini-album Beast in 2007, which was greeted as their best work in years, a return to blistering form, as the band threw off any shackles.

In 2007, Created Roky’s Room, a remarkable noise album, a carnival of feedback, slowed down fireworks, diabolical tunings, guitar mania and melting amplifiers, which took them into a new realm of sound.

Worked with film director Glendyn Ivin to create the short film ‘Paradise‘ which debuted at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2008.

Paid it forward by running workshops for hundreds of high school students on the precise science of being in a rock n roll band

And again passed on their own good fortune to a new generation of young artists by running a competition for up and coming performers to score support slots alongside the dirtbags on their 2008 ‘GIRL‘ tour.

And… behind the scenes there has been Girl.

 Girl is the latest labour of love from Magic Dirt, the new album, ten new songs already familiar to their fans from rigorous road testing on tours through the past year.  Girl was recorded in Magic Dirt’s home away from home Birdland Studios with veteran producer Lindsay Gravina at the controls.

 Girl roars out of the blocks with a trio of instant “hits”, each clocking in at under three minutes:  Get Ready to Die, Emerald Green and Romy, (the latter being the first single off the album and a classic teen angst flick just waiting to be made).  The towering live favourites White Boy and Cupid’s Bow punch their weight and whilst Magic Dirt are fully versed in the filthy riches of Motorhead, The Stooges and Mudhoney, there’s also shout outs to street smart 60s girl groups (Always), hazy shoegazer dreamscapes (Tremor) and… is that a mutant Pistols riff in the last 30 seconds of Six Feet Under?

As ever Adalita’s lyrics capture that fine point where adventure and danger meet, as her heroes and heroines struggle to make their way in this world, inhabiting the space where their judgement teeters between intrigue and apprehension.  No band better charts the territory where the allure of adventure and love and cheap thrills collides on a suburban street with the dangers and pitfalls that come with the package. Magic Dirt know that zone all too well, every intersection, back laneway and shut down corner store…  and they know there is a way through to the other side… that’s why their music means so much to so many. Forget that cosmic ray shit.

 Magic Dirt plot their own course, pump their own gas and drive their own highway.

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