Vaudeville Smash

“I’ll be damned if Vaudeville Smash aren’t the most mind-blowingly refreshing live act to emerge from Melbourne since God knows when.” – Lachlan Kanoniuk, Beat

Ever since VAUDEVILLE SMASH played their first gig (at Fitzroy’s Bar Open in September 2009), you knew they were something special. Made up of brothers Marc, Dan and Luca Lucchesi and two mates (Martin and James), no other Australian band sounds like ’em. In case you’re wondering, they took their name from an Italian children’s karaoke machine that was around in the late ’80s, and they list their influences as Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis and the News, Todd Rundgren, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Prince. The dance floor is packed at a VAUDEVILLE SMASH gig. The band is all about entertainment.

“Vaudeville Smash: perfect soundtrack for a montage in an ’80s movie.” – Mark R. Collins, The Huffington Post

VAUDEVILLE SMASH have carved their own niche, building a formidable following in their hometown of Melbourne, selling out the Corner Hotel, playing at the Australian Open and being awarded the Most Popular New Band at the St Kilda Festival. 2013 was an astonishing year for the Melbourne group; Named by Inpress Magazine as one of the “Top 13 Bands To Watch in 2013”, the band kicked off the year in spectacular style, returning to Austin TX for South By South West (having been invited back) to play seven shows before heading to Toronto for a further three performances for Canadian Music Week and a last stop in New York for two spectacular shows at seminal NYC venue the Bitter End.

The band released their debut album DANCING FOR THE GIRL in early May before heading off to Singapore where they performed four times at MUSIC MATTERS LIVE. With the band’s return to home shores, they kicked off a string of album launch shows, including an absolutely stellar Melbourne performance at the Corner Hotel and then set off again for a sensational five dates in Japan, including the Sapporo Jazz Festival and club shows in Tokyo.

“It’s one of 2013′s great albums” – Jeff Jenkins, Inpress

May 2014 sees another exciting chapter in the VAUDEVILLE SMASH story as they release their Soccer inspired new single, ZINEDINE ZIDANE.  As football fever begins to escalate around the world ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, these die-hard Soccer fans pay tribute to the great French player and the great players that have played across the globe and across the decades.

Featuring the voice of Australian soccer, Les Murray, ZINEDINE ZIDANE is a dance/pop anthem with heart.  With his dulcet tones and feverish love of the game, we cannot help but be inspired and excited by the imminent kickoff to the biggest sporting event the world experiences every four years.

As World Cup fever begins to grip the nation and we all unite to cheer on The Socceroos, listen out for the anthemic roar of ZINEDINE ZIDANE.

“Like New Zealand’s Ladyhawke, the band aims to remind the hippest of hipsters of certain truths they’re afraid to acknowledge: Those high-NRG, quasi-disco dance tunes of the late 1970s and 1980s didn’t suck. In fact, a lot of them were amazing, and they made people smile and dance for a reason.” – Blurt

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