19 January 21
Scott Darlow presents his single ‘Forgotten Australia’, a reminder for Australians to embrace their togetherness and come together to celebrate the things that make our country and its people special.
Scott has today also released the video for ‘Forgotten Australia’, where he is joined by an all-star cast to reflect on their connection to Australia and share stories of what Australia means to them. The video features the likes of John Butler, Kasey Chambers, Robert DiPierdomenico, Anthony Koutafidies, Myf Warhurst, Shelly Ware, Otis Carey, and Kyle Chalmers.
‘Forgotten Australia’ is available digitally and on limited edition 7” vinyl. The 7” also features his 2020 single ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark (feat. Ian Kenny)’, and is available to purchase here.
Scott Darlow explains the meaning behind ‘Forgotten Australia’: “In my opinion a combination of technology, fear, globalisation and poor messaging from sections of the media have led to a rise in nationalism, less tolerance and less empathy on both sides of the political fence. In some ways, it feels like we’ve never been more divided. We need to embrace each other with a little bit more forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance and empathy. It’s my hope that this song will remind listeners everywhere that we’re all Australians, one mob, living together on sacred ground.”
A mainstay of Australia’s Indigenous music industry, Scott Darlow is a versatile singer-songwriter, guitarist and didgeridoo player who has sold more than 50,000 albums worldwide. With his singles ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark’ and ‘Bind The Hands Of Time’, Scott’s music has become a regular feature on the Triple M playlist. Outside of music, Darlow is a passionate First Nations activist and World Vision spokesperson, regularly speaking in hundreds of schools and corporate settings about his indigenous culture, Australian history, racial tolerance, harmony and important social matters.