The Badloves announce the arrival of their soulful new single ‘Tribal’

10 August 20

Emerging from the creative tailwinds of the late 80s, The Badoves are one of Australia’s most enduring bands.

The Australian live music scene was flourishing in the early 90s, and that was the perfect vehicle The Badloves needed to establish themselves. As vocalist-guitarist-songwriter Michael Spiby would say, “an antidote to the after-party”.

The band is lyrically from a very Australian place. The grounding of their early pub apprenticeship was integral to their sound and attitude.

The Badloves had a point of difference. Complete with raw Hammond organ and guitars, driven bass and drums, and a soul-fuelled singer-songwriter in Spiby, the combo drew a distinct line in the sand. The band was now battle-ready having built its live reputation in the trenches of the Melbourne pub scene.

Come summer ’92, with their soul and RnB undergarments clearly showing, The Badloves cut their own style, distilling unique songs and real performance clout into a studio debut that flagged the arrival of a band whose time had come.

The bands’ debut album ‘Get On Board’ arrived at a time when radio and the live music culture were aligned. The Badloves not only represented what was happening in our venues but also gave us an Australian flavoured take on what would later be called Americana with their Memphis soul influences.

‘Get On Board’ was extremely well received. The Michael Spiby songs ‘Lost’, ‘Green Limousine’ and ‘Memphis’ were the focal point of the album. Spiby’s voice and songs became The Badloves sound. ‘Get On Board’ stayed on the charts for a staggering 69 weeks and won three ARIA Awards.

While The Badloves wagon has rarely left the road in 30 long years, their recording output has been sparse. The drought had finally broken in late 2019 when the band released the superb ‘Soulbrothertruckin’song” – their first new single in 17 years.

The Badloves continue to build on their legacy as they announce the arrival of their brand new single, ‘Tribal’. The song was inspired by one of Michael Spiby’s recurring dreams.

Spiby explains – “I don’t usually remember dreams, they’re so hard to catch. But often enough I wake up disturbed by this one recurring theme…how will I keep my little tribe together in tough times, am I up to the task? ‘Tribal’ is my recurring dream, caught in the light of day”

‘Tribal’ was mixed at the legendary HippoSonic Studios in Vancouver, Canada by Darren Grahn (Metallica, Bon Jovi)

Tribal’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and all major digital platforms.