21 September 20

THE BADLOVES soulful new single ‘Tribal’ was inspired by one of singer, songwriter, Michael Spiby’s recurring dreams.

The accompanying video, superbly produced, photographed and edited by Screaming Jets’ guitarist Scott Kingman, cleverly captures the mood and feeling of the tracks poetic lyrics..

It’s tribal
Sure as there’s blood runnin’ through my veins Prepare my arrival
High on a breeze
There’s a wild-dyed bird of prey
Diving deeper. Deeper
I could not sleep, unsure
Unsure, I will have what I came for

The video is a combination of live footage and beautiful, uplifting surreal images.

“I loved ‘Tribal’ the first time I heard it, so to be asked to create a video for it, I jumped at the opportunity. A rare chance for me to combine my two great creative loves into one. A great song by a great band and all Australian” – Scott Kingman.

Watch it HERE

“It’s tribal folks, when the squeeze is on, things get very real. We pull together in support of our tribe; our family, friends and fellow travellers. It takes a very real kind of love. We really wanted to share this feeling with our new single ‘Tribal’.
If it resonates with you, you might like to share the love around” 
– Michael Spiby.

“Tribal’ is attracting widespread radio support across the country and the bands legacy continues.

Leon Zervos (Pink, Rihanna, Maroon 5) has remastered the track. The new remastered version will be released via Play MPE Tuesday 22nd September 2020.